06 Oct

image1846909504.jpgA couple of weeks ago K’s grade 1 class was introduced to the school library and being big kids now are allowed to take out a book of their choice.

She’s learning about responsibility having to take care of a library book for a whole week and return it on time.

Last week K took out a book called “Once upon a cool motorcycle dude” – A story about a brother & sister telling a not so typical Once-upon-a-time story together realizing sometimes two heads are better than one. Cute book, easy to read and kept her attention. K liked it a lot.

This week K has brought home “Thumbelina” by Hans Christian Andersen. Always a beloved tale of the thumb sized little girl who is born in a flower, taken by frogs, has a great adventure and finally finds her handsome thumb sized prince. K and I have been taking several nights to read this one, it’s a little longer and detailed than the last book she chose but the story to her is always magical.

I love reading to my kids, it’s fun and gives us that special moment right before bed. Moments we’ll both cherish for a long time.

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Posted by on October 6, 2010 in A Motherhood Experience


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