Review: Liberte Bio Organic UHT Milk

12 Oct

Grocery shopping has changed over the years as far as food products go. There are so many brands and different types of food to choose from all have health benefits and others lack. There is always the concern of what exactly you are consuming in the food you buy at the local grocery store.

Take milk for example. It comes in various kinds like 2%, 1%, homogenized and so forth. It is prepared and packaged in a factory as is pretty much everything else these days. It tastes good and it’s obviously healthy for you. The only problem is, the expiration date. What we think is “fresh” sometimes is just plain cold.

I typically don’t buy organic foods or beverages, I never have before nor have I tried them before. There is no particular reason for it, I guess I just stick with what I’m used to, it doesn’t mean I’m not open to trying new things for my family though. Recently I was contacted by a rep over at Tetra Pak and introduced to Liberte’s Certified Bio Organic UHT (shelf stable) 1% milk.

Organic UHT milk is pretty much like regular milk except when it’s prepared it is heated a little higher than normal making those bacteria that cause typical milk to spoil within days, die and basically your milk can last in the pantry for months. Liberte’s Certified Bio Organic 1% milk is natural, organic and not too hard on the taste buds either.

The organic milk comes from cows fed with plants free of synthetic fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides. It can be stored unrefrigerated up to the expiration date or until the carton is open. Being packaged by Tetra Pak can guarantee freshness, Tetra Pak are known for packaging most of the juice boxes our kids take on their lunches every day.

At first the idea of milk that can be stored on a shelf had me thinking until I read the article about UHT Organic milk, its benefits and so on posted on the national post website this past summer.

As for our experience trying it out, the kids loved it. Our daughter said she didn’t notice a difference except it’s a little sweeter than the milk she normally drinks (2%) but she liked it nonetheless. Our son being a little younger noticed a difference but otherwise did not complain when he tried it. If it makes my kids happy and I know it’s good for them, I’m happy. The shelf life of the milk is pretty impressive, the cartons we received expire February 2011! These would be a great idea for the cottage or pack on the lunches with an ice pack of course.

Now, trying the organic milk may not completely change our family over from buying regular 2% milk in the bag, (we drink it fast enough that it doesn’t have time to go bad) but we will keep it in mind when we are grocery shopping for healthier alternative products.

**Disclaimer: This post was written by A Motherhood Experience Blog on behalf of Tetra Pak. No compensation was awarded for this review. All opinions are honest and my own. Information in this post was provided by Tetra Pak along with a complimentary six-pack of 236ml Liberte Certified Bio Organic 1% Milk cartons. Thankyou to Tetra Pak and Liberte for this review opportunity.**

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