Review: Shape Collage Pro

19 Oct

Before I started seriously blogging, I used to play around a lot with photo shop programs creating collages of photos starring our family, mostly of the kids to send to family and friends as a keepsake of memories. I remember doing one for every picture I took from every month of K’s first year and gave a printed copy in a frame to each set of grandparents for Christmas that year. Everybody always loved them and always asked me how I did them.

Collages are a great way to put all your favourite digital pictures in one place if you know what you’re doing when it comes to photo shop programs. They can also make lovely gifts if you make them properly. It has been a while since I have dabbled in any kind of photo shop type projects. collages used to take me hours to do fitting all the photos into place and making sure that everything looked good enough for printing. I used paint shop pro most of the time but I found it time-consuming.

I was contacted to do a review of a collage making photo software called Shape Collage. At first I wasn’t sure, I typically don’t do many software reviews and I haven’t created any photo shop collages in a long time but this peaked my interest being able to create nice collages using one simple program.

So what is Shape Collage exactly? Shape Collage is a software program collage maker that offers creative and customized ways to present and share your favourite photos and make beautiful personalized gifts. Shape Collage is perfect for designing holiday and birthday greeting cards, special photos for scrapbooks, unique photo keepsakes and much more!

It was created by Canadian entrepreneur Vincent Cheung who wanted to something fun and different with the many photos he had.He also found existing collage making programs to be too much work and not giving the user enough control. Vincent created a new way of making picture collages that isn’t restricted to boring rectangular collages like other programs but allows users to create customized collage shapes like hearts,names and letters etc.

Everything is totally customizable from the pictures you use, the way you see them to what shape you want your collage to be in. The interface is quite simple giving you the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) view to edit and customize your collages to your liking.

Starting out with over 21 photos (I have way more stored on the other computer) I tried Shape Collage out. It was very basic and easy to use which I liked. You can use as many or as little photos you want and customize the shape, font etc. I thought I would try out the heart shape first and my first collage came out looking like this:

I think I need a little practice on how to customize the collages to exactly what I want but this one was nice! I enjoyed trying out this program, it was pretty easy and fun to use, it has a lot of neat features. I think anybody with any kind of computer skills, even minimal can use this program to create their own collages.

You can download a free trial of Shape Collage and if you like it upgrade to the pro version right on their <a href=""website! The free trail is good but you get a lot more customization features with the pro version like watermarking and more! Go have some fun with Shape Collage!

*This is not a paid post. This review was written by A Motherhood Experience Blog on behalf of Hill and Knowlton Canada. I received a complimentary key code to download Shape Collage Pro for review purposes. All opinions stated on this blog are honest and my own*

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