Crazy night

20 Oct

Maybe it’s because I was really tired when I went to bed that night or maybe it was something else all together but last night was one strange night. 

We were all sleeping soundly in our beds, as every night when suddenly the dog starts pacing around the bed. Back and forth, back and forth to the point it woke up hubby and I out of our sleep. I looked at my phone (it sits on the bedside table) 4:45am, merely a couple of hours until my alarm was to go off for wake-up time. We both told the dog to “go lay down” which would be in his designated area on the dog bed. Instead of listening like he usually does to hubby, Zeus decided to give a growl and show off his pearly whites. We really have no idea why he did and this is not typical behaviour for him at all, never has he acted like that before. He was then kicked out of the bedroom he’s lucky because it almost lead to him sleeping outside but we aren’t that mean. He was not allowed in the bedroom after his temper tantrum. Shortly after the dog acted weird our daughter woke up all upset from a nightmare, she said we were all vampires trying to eat her and did not want to go back to sleep without the hall light on. I figure her strange dreams about vampires and werewolves come from all the Halloween stuff shes been seeing at the stores, school and on tv.

After coaxing her back to bed and assuring her we were not vampires nor wanted to eat her and that she can safely go back to bed, her brother wakes up crying from the other room.  Perhaps he heard his sister, maybe it was something else he’s too young to tell us why he woke up. He was changed and given a quick drink.  Finally around 5:30 we got everybody back to bed, just in time to get in another hour before the alarm went off and it was time to get up to the daily schedule.

This was really a bizarre night, I can’t explain why everyone would be waking up around the same time like that including the pets. Maybe there was something there that we just couldn’t see and nobody can explain…Could be the beginning of our Halloween!!! 😉

spook ya later!


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Posted by on October 20, 2010 in A Motherhood Experience


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