Book Review: Crocodiles and Crumpets

21 Oct

I was contacted by our friends over at My Pempek Publishing (from right here in Ottawa!) and was told they have just released their latest book “Crocodiles and Crumpets” and doing a virtual book tour! I was happy when we were asked if we would like to review it here on A Motherhood Experience and be part of the virtual book tour. Of course loving reading new and fun books to my little ones as much as they enjoy hearing them, we accepted the offer and she sent over a digital version of the book to enjoy until we receive our hard copy. We can’t wait to get it!

“Every night the people in the village hear a ruckus of laughter, splashes and the clinking of glasses coming from the witches castle. Little do they know that the growing tall tales made up to explain the goings-on in the castle may not be true. Maybe the witch is not all that witchy? Maybe the crocodiles aren’t that crotchety? Maybe they are just every day witches and crocodiles who are in search of something meaningful? Friendship. Crocodiles and Crumpets is a book about friendship, truth and independent decision-making that is sure to delight the inquisitive child in all of us!”

Written by Anastasia Valentine, illustrated by Joanne Guindon and published by My Pempek Publishing, “Crocodiles and Crumpets”  is not your typical fairy tale story, it’s quite unique which is refreshing to read compared to the same old stories told over and over. It tells a tale of tales told untrue until every character realizes that you shouldn’t judge others by what you hear until you get to know them for yourself. This is a good lesson to learn, even as adults we often are judgmental of each other by rumours heard and often they aren’t true. As a mom I like a good story with a good lesson to be learned, “Crocodiles and Crumpets” is a wonderful addition to any library.

We read the book in two parts before bed this week, as we do with any book that’s over 10 pages long. Our daughter really enjoyed the story, the characters and of course the wonderful pictures! The story had her engaged the entire time, she was totally into it asking questions and pointing out things she was learning as I read it to her. I enjoyed reading it to her, seeing her smile and knowing she was actually taking it all in. If it makes her smile, it makes mom smile too 🙂 It is going to be a great book for her to read on her own once she learns how to read independently when she’s a bit older but I think for now it has become one she’ll enjoy as a bedtime favourite.

Crocodiles and Crumpets is written with detail and has brilliantly illustrated pages. The book comes in both digital and hardcover formats. “Crocodiles and Crumpets” will be released November 1st in stores and can be purchased here.To learn more about the authors, illustrators and other books available visit the My Pempek Publishing website! Also, make sure to check out the events section of the website to find out more about the “Crocodiles and Crumpets” Book Launch party November 20th!

*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience Blog on behalf of My Pempek Publishing as part of the “Crocodiles and Crumpets” virtual tour! I received a complimentary digital copy as well as a hard copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own*

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