Marie Veronique Organics Review

28 Oct
As I’m getting closer to 30 I’m thinking a lot about my skin. Now I’m a true believer of beauty being from within and all that but I can’t help but notice those little imperfections that appear now that weren’t there 10 years ago. Like the dark circles under my eyes, the more little lines and such that appear when I smile or frown etc. Little things that wouldn’t really get me down about myself, after all its all part of getting older and getting wiser but, I do want to start taking care of my skin and maybe improving that tired look just a little.
I was very happy when I was asked to do another review for Marie Veronique Organic skin care products. I did a review a little while back about Marie Veronique’s Kid Safe sunscreen (which is an amazing product not to mention all natural). This time I was sent samples of some of the Marie Veronique Organics Anti-aging line: Anti-aging day serum (in natural, light and medium tints) and Anti-aging body oil to try out for myself.
Anti-aging day serum:
Defends against premature aging with a unique combination of natural humectants, emollients, anti-oxidants, and sunscreen. The Anti-aging day serum comes in light, medium or no tint. You can really see the difference when you put the tinted serum on, it seems to instantly give your face a lift as well as adds some colour to my rather pale complexion. It blends into the complexion without leaving an oily feel or white residue. The dark circles under my eyes are minimized, the little lines are reduced drastically hubby noticed a difference saying I had “younger looking skin”. Very impressive, I tried both the medium tint and the non-tinted ones. The non-tinted gives the same effect except no colour and as always this serum is all natural.
Anti-aging body oil:
Combats aging with essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants from sea buckthorn, red raspberry seed and cranberry seed oils. I am usually not one for body oils, I just don’t like feeling oily but this one is different from others I have tried before. It doesn’t leave you feeling oily, it actually absorbs into the skin after a few minutes of applying leaving the skin feeling smooth and more supple. Very nice for the first organic body oil I have used!
I like Marie Veronique Organics not only because the products are produced with all natural ingredients but also because they make it simple to sustain a good skin care routine by numbering the products to use step by step and they work! Marie Veronique Organics offer cleansers, hydration mists, replenishing oils, sunscreens, repair serums and vitamin C supplements. You can browse and buy the entire line of Marie Veronique Organic skin care products on their website.
*This review was written by A Motherhood Experience Blog on behalf of Marie Veronique Organics. I received samples of the MVO Anti-aging serum and body oils for review purposes. All opinions about this product are honest and my own*
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