Heeling Hunger

09 Nov

Hunger is something we cannot ignore. Worldwide and in our own country, Canada. Every DAY hundreds if not millions of families go without proper nutritional meals to feed themselves. Children go to school without breakfast and without a lunch, moms and dads give up meals and risk their health to feed their little ones. Families with children worry enough about everything else in life, feeding a family shouldn’t be one of them. This cause hits very close to home and brings tears to my eyes, it breaks my heart. We should be helping each other and that’s exactly what two incredible women are set out to do.

Two lovely ladies have started something epic. Inspired by #Bekind week, my friend @CocktailDeeva and @SuzieSwapper have come together with a campaign to help raise money for those in need in our own back yard, Canada. A province to province shoe-swap to help HEEL Hunger called of course “HEELing Hunger”.

If you like shoes and like helping out, this is perfect for you. Join the fan page for updates on the campaign and to participate by uploading a pair of gently worn shoes you’d like to swap (mens and ladies only sorry no kids shoes), donating a minimum of 9$ and you get to choose yourself a pair of shoes. Funds raised will go to local food banks.

For more information visit, every shoe can make a difference! If you have a blog or website there’s even a fabulous button you can grab to show your ongoing support!

Thank you for your time!


*This is not a sponsored post. I wrote it because I care. All opinions and thoughts on this blog are honest and my own*

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Posted by on November 9, 2010 in A Motherhood Experience


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