MegaBloks Dragons Universe Playdate

23 Nov

This weekend was such a busy one, we had a special playdate lined up for Saturday afternoon. Not just any playdate, but a MegaBloks Dragons Universe Playdate sponsored by Megabloks & MommyParties! We had signed up weeks ago for two different mommyparties hosted by MegaBloks and were thrilled when we were chosen to host this one!

This was our first time having a hosted playdate so we kept things simple and invited  good friends @couponmomcanada and her wonderful kids over to enjoy the day with us.  It had been a while since seeing each other,kind of like a reunion in a way and a perfect opportunity to get the kids together — in MegaBloks style! The basement was set up as the “dragons lair” and the kids were a bit shy at first but it was their first time meeting each other. After they warmed up and found all the dragons universe pods that were placed around, with the help of K who pretty much helped find everybody’s for them! It was a very busy playdate with so much excitement. The fun part for us moms began shortly after opening these dragon universe pods which contain 12 to 32 pieces and helping the kids put them together. Let’s just say it’s been a while since I’ve played with building blocks! 😉 It took us a little while to get them together but after a lot of laughs, misplaced and refound pieces we were able to create them.

After we had them built the kids played, had snacks of “Dragons Potion” (aka blue kool aid) with cookies & rice crispy squares just having a great time while us moms chatted over coffee.

This was certainly a really fun playdate, it was nice to see the kids enjoying the toys in each others company and playing together with them. The younger ones were not as intrigued but the older kids took to the Dragons Universe toys no problem. It kept everyone busy and smiling. When the kids got a little tired we all took a nice break before our guests headed off for the evening taking their surprises home with them.

If you are looking for a great christmas gift for kids aged 6 and up who love Dragons these would be perfect but they might require mom and dad or an older sibling to help build them. Also, if you’re going to take them apart again make sure you have some sort of containers or baggies handy to store all the pieces in afterward and trust me, there are a lot of pieces! The toys themselves were great though, very imaginative Dragons Universe the kids can create with them. That also gives us parents an excuse to play with toys, feel like kids again and brings quality time into our homes. Don’t forget, MegaBloks offers an assortment of different building toys for different ages so make sure and check out their website for this holiday seasons hottest MegaBloks toys!

Thank you to Momselect/MommyParties and MegaBloks for this opportunity and thank you to our guests for coming to our MegaBloks Dragons Universe Playdate!

Until Next time…


*This post was written in participation with Momselect MommyParties. Huge thanks to Momselects MommyParties and Megabloks who provided the items. All opinions and comments regarding this product are honest and my own.*

*Another Thank you to my friend @CouponMomCanada for helping make our playdate a success and providing some of the pictures she took for this post! Visit her blog at   for great savings, discounts and reviews too!*

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