08 Dec

My kids watch cartoons. Well, mostly my oldest does and within the past few months she’s decided the preschool shows her brother enjoys are for babies , she wants big kid shows. So, she became a fan of Teletoon. The shows that air around the times she’s allowed to watch tv (no, my kids don’t have free range of the tv!) are suitable for her and not above her way of thinking but mature enough not to be in the baby show category 😉

A couple of weeks ago she was rambling on and on about a new favorite show on Teletoon. When I was asked to review it I couldn’t resist, afterall its a show my daughter enjoys.

The Show is called Skatoony – Not your typical cartoon show. Its a Hollywood Squares type trivia show for kids which puts 3 real live kids up against 3 colorful cartoon characters answering trivia questions for a cool prize, hosted by two crazy characters. The grand prize is an iPod touch, of course that got K intrigued to see who would win!

It’s fun, educational and entertaining with typical child-level slap-stick humor thrown in between. Skatoony is a show that parents and their kids can sit down and enjoy together.

Skatoony originally began in the UK and now we can enjoy it here in Canada on Teletoon. Toon in Thursdays and Sundays at 6:30pm (eastern) for Skatoony fun!

Also, if you visit you can play Skatoony games and more!

If it makes them happy and has no questionable content for her age then I’m happy.

*This post was written on behalf of Marbelmedia & Teletoon by A Motherhood Experience Blog. No compensation was received however we did receive Teletoon items as a thank you. All comments & opinions are honest and my own*

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