The countdown is on

14 Dec

Only 10 days until Christmas eve! I’m excited (for the kids!) and it’s beginning to look more like the holiday season around here.

This morning we woke up to the first real snowfall, meaning there’s enough to actually have to shovel the driveway & walkway. Speaking of which my “lovely” neighbors only did their side of the shared walkway, thank you after all we only mowed your side of the lawn this summer, to be nice. We’ll remember that.

K was excited to see the fluffy white blanket of coldness this morning, she seems to find reason to love every season. She admitted today that although she loves Christmas and winter, the snow is in fact very cold!

We just realized we are going to need a bigger snow shovel — our bigger one was broken last winter. Yet another thing to fork out $$ for just before Christmas.

It would be totally inappropriate to give hubby as a gift so yes, it’s extra. It would be like him giving me muffin tins, it’s happened before but luckily it was not hubby who made that mistake.

For once we have Christmas pretty much covered and it feels good. Good to be organized and not have to worry about what we are giving the kids this year. We put the tree up early & decorated the house – lights, garland & all. We have to keep those smiles and make their Christmas a good one.

How are you coping with only 10 days left?

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