My Armadillo Pillow for iPod Touch

17 Dec

This Christmas there are a lot of kids with iPod touch devices on their Christmas lists, including my six-year-old daughter. Kids can’t help but be amazed by the technology that mom and dad have in our iPhones/iPods and they want to explore them too. The only problem is that these devices are fragile and you can break them easily if you drop them.

We had been looking around for a proper case for K’s iPod touch. Some cases are just too bulky and others don’t serve a purpose other than looking nice. Those gel skin cases just won’t cut it for durability on this one. Not to mention they are pricey!

Just when we thought we couldn’t find anything nice looking and able to protect K’s new iPod touch, I was contacted by An-Su of “My Armadillo Pillow”. She wanted to let me know about a really great accessory any iPod Mom or Dad should have for the kids and for their peace of mind – “My Armadillo Pillow”.

What is “My Armadillo Pillow”?

Hand crafted in Canada and created by two moms (An-Su & Kelly) with their kids and iPods in mind, My Armadillo Pillow is a pillow for your iPod touch. Perfect for little hands and keeping that precious device safe! A mini pillow with a protective pocket and a velcro closure to make sure your iPod touch is secure while your child plays. The touch-through screen protector allows your child to still enjoy their games, videos and music while you know the device is protected. They come in a variety of colours and have a strap to attach the pillow to a purse or belt loop for on the go access! I absolutely LOVE the design we were sent! Knowing Ks iPod is protected makes me feel even better about giving it to her on Christmas morning this year. I like how the pillow also acts as a rest for your iPod, propping it up for movie or video watching couldn’t be easier. My Armadillo Pillow is also available for iPhone and iPad. Please visit for more information and how to order yours!

*This review is brought to you by A Motherhood Experience Blog on behalf of “My Armadillo Pillow“. We received a complimentary “My Armadillo Pillow” for review purposes. All opinions and comments on this blog are honest and my own*

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