Iams Home 4 the Holidays

21 Dec

We are a pet friendly family. In our house, our three animals Zeus, Ruffy and Hazel aren’t just pets but part of the family. Even around the holiday season, they get gifts under the tree too!

As nice as it is and as lucky as our animals are to have a good home to care for them, this is not the case for hundreds of animals who are spending their holidays in a shelter or worse.

This is where Iams comes in, with the Iams Home 4 the holidays program.

Iams Home 4 The Holidays is one of the worlds largest, most successful pet adoption programs in the world. In 1999 Iams partnered with the Helen Woodward Animal Centre and since began helping thousands of homeless animals find loving homes especially around the holiday season.

If you are looking or thinking about getting a pet why not adopt? There are thousands in need of your love. We did and don’t regret it. These animals show as much love as any other pet, if not more!

Visit the Iams website for more information and to learn how to become involved with the Iams Home 4 the holidays program.

If we could adopt more we really would but our household is pretty full with our two kids and already three animals. Hopefully in the future we will be able to open our doors once again but for now we can open our hearts and help spread the word!

*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of Iams Home 4 the Holidays program to help spread the word about how heart-warming and giving pet adoption can be, it can be the best gift you could give*

– Posted by @AMotherhoodBlog

*All opinions on this blog are honest & my own*

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