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02 Jan

The past couple of weeks have been kind of nice. Holidays for K meant not getting up at 6:30AM, repeating 100x to please get ready, eat, hurry up etc and freeze our butts waiting for the bus half asleep in the morning. It also meant everything went out of whack as far as the daily schedule goes. Somewhere between Christmas and New Years our routine was lost!

Now, we are one night away from going back to school and the routine is still off track.

I find it harder to readjust back to the routine after Christmas holidays more than march break. It’s a shorter break and we don’t on go anywhere far during march break other than local day outings so it’s a little easier to keep on schedule with daily routine homework, baths, bed time and all that fun stuff at the end of the day.

I tweeted about this on twitter and apparently I’m not the only mom facing the great dilemma of getting the kids and ourselves back on the clock for school (and/or work) routines after a relaxing break.

Tonight I will attempt to get the kids in bed early, make K’s lunch and get her things ready for school Monday morning. I’ll be pre-making the coffee and setting my alarm which I tried to do the night before NYE but it didn’t work out so well, really why is there a snooze button when an alarm is supposed to wake you UP! I seem to unconsciously keep pressing it every time I hear the noise of the alarm until eventually the alarm shuts off completely. Not good but I think it was because I knew technically I didn’t have to get up that early that day where Monday I know I need to be back on track.

We will all be tired but hopefully not dragging feet too badly!

What are your tips to getting back on schedule after the holidays?

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