Mom’s against over-charging ISP’s

30 Jan

UPDATE: February 1st 2011 the liberal party is opposing the usage based billing by providers…read this

Let’s keep our fingers crossed! 😉

UPDATE: Jan 31/2011

“You responded to the CRTC’s weak-kneed decision by helping the Stop The Meter petition reach unprecedented numbers – 160,000+ signatures!

To stop new punitive fees from being imposed on us we need to get the Government to overturn the CRTC’s decision. Now that the NDP has come out against metering, the next step is the get the Liberals to adopt our position. Lets send them a message by reaching an historic 200,000 signatures:

the link:”


Word buzzing around the internet about the internet the past few days has had thousands of Canadians including myself, in an uproar. ISP’s crazy idea to make us pay more for less of the internet. This has been covered on several blogs including a great post by YummyMummy Club’s Erica Ehm urging you all to please sign the petition and stop the meter. Being a Ottawa resident, I could not pass up posting this and urge you as well…read on.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are about to impose usage-based internet billing on the average person, YOU and ME. Yes, that is right. The big companies like Bell and Rogers etc want to start charging us for the internet by the byte, similar to what they are now charging for 3G data usage on today’s smart phone. It’s so bad that the bigger companies are trying to force the smaller competitors into following in their footsteps, giving us customers no choice but to pay or get offline. That’s scary and it’s not right.

Not only is this going to COST us more but we are also going to be limited and getting LESS internet access. All those songs, movies, tv shows and other media downloaded will cost you. All those pages visited, photos, videos and blogs posted will cost you. I can just imagine the chaos in the online small business and entrepreneur worlds. EVERYBODY is connected to the internet. Whether we just use it for keeping in touch with family or all out running a business or downloading content, we pay for it and we should NOT be limited nor gouged so they can get richer.

It seems that because everyone gets pretty much everything online that the cable part of those companies and the likes are suffering from lack of subscribers thus, they aren’t getting as rich as their greedy little hearts would like. They are trying to gouge us hard-working, paying customers, control the internet and get richer while we fill their pockets.

What good is their money going to be when none of us have any interest in the internet because disgusting, greedy corporations are beating the joy out of what we love to do: BE online. We engage in social networks, our children learn, we all connect, we work and we make our livings online. How can they sleep at night knowing they’ll be taking from so many just to gain for their greedy selves? They give us something we enjoy and actually use then they slap a high price tag on it. Typical.

People we need to get more signatures on this petition. If it starts here in Canada you know as well as I do that our neighbours might just take the same path when it comes to how they charge you for what you do online. visit to sign the petition, everyone counts in this.
Blogs, Facebook and Twitter have had the networking power to make amazon retract books, big name clothing companies and the likes to be boycotted, people’s minds changed. We can do this if we all work together.

I’ve signed. I hope you do too.


*I’d like to thank Eric Ehm and the YummyMummy Club for that post, it made me more aware of how serious this situation is and realize that it needs to be stopped. Being a voice online, even small I want to do my part and thats what this post is about*

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