Snow Day 2011

02 Feb

There was this huge hype going around the Internet yesterday about a “huge blizzard” coming across most of north America.

Cities closed down schools and such in preparation for the storm.

This morning school buses in Ottawa were not running but schools were open. K got the day off declaring it a “snow day”.

Although many places did get hit hard with snow and lightning in the sky, it really wasn’t that bad here. Personally I wouldn’t have called this a blizzard. Yeah, there’s a lot of snow causing poor driving conditions but there was hardly enough snow to panic about. Not in Ottawa, this seems to be a typical amount of snow.

Here’s what we had this morning on the front steps:

And here you can see people drove before the plow passed by:

It’s enough to say the plows and shovelers have some (hard) work to do, it’s another big Canadian snowfall.

We spent most of the day indoors but Hubby went outside to shovel and K went out to play in the snow 🙂

Once little guy saw that his sister was outside he begged me “Ohside Mommy! Ohside!” and even though I knew he wouldn’t be out there for more than 10 minutes max, on went the snowsuit & we went outside.

He lasted a whole 10 minutes like I guessed after going into the deeper snow (even though I told him not to because he would get stuck and I was wearing running shoes) he fell over, lost a mitt and started to cry. Here we go as little guys crying while K is yelling and trying to drag him my way while I’m saying “No, no I’ll get him! He lost his mitt!!” big drama.

Mommy to the rescue jumps into knee high snow in running shoes to rescue my scared little boy from the cold snow.

Here he is falling over within minutes before hitting the deeper snow and why K is about to eat snow is beyond me:

He was fine after we went in and warmed up. He was happily playing with his cars not long after.

Today we learned that little guy does not like winter, unlike his sister who can spend hours rolling around in the fluffy freezing stuff.

Despite school being cancelled we tried making the best of our snow day.

Hope you all enjoyed your snow day too!


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