Nintendo 3DS Launch Events

18 Mar

For those of you in the Toronto area interested in the gaming world *like we are* there’s something fun going on really soon!

Nintendo is about to launch their brand new hand-held console, the Nintendo 3DS! On March 26th, experience the excitement by participating in the official Nintendo 3DS launch event at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto. Arrive early for your chance to win cool prizes like Nintendo 3DS toques and t-shirts!

Celebrate the new Nintendo 3DS with several gaming stations on site with a large selection of games from Street Figher IV: 3D edition to Nintendogs + cats! There is something for just about every member of the gaming family!

See the link below for detailed information about the launch events in Toronto and Vancouver as well as the Nintendo 3DS interactive sampling tour that follows! It’s really too bad they don’t bring events like these to Ottawa, I would definitely be there!

Happy Gaming!

— Posted by: @AMotherhoodBlog

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The information posted was sent to us by representatives of Nintendo to share with our readers and gaming enthusiasts. All opinions are honest and my own*


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