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22 Mar

March break has come and gone, what a week it was! We celebrated two birthdays and spent a lot of time together as a family. It’s actually nice to be back into routine, even if it’s only been two days so far. We are doing pretty good! K is on the ball in the morning, I also prepare everything like coffee, lay out snow suits, clothes, make her lunch etc and get everything ready the night before to simplify the morning routine. Neither of us wants to be rushing around half asleep looking for things.

Sunday was the official first day of spring, but it snowed here enough that all the melting happening over the weekend was just a tease and there is still snow on the ground. At least the temperature outside has continued to stay decent, resulting in more melting. Hopefully those tweets I keep seeing about “Ice storms” are just bogus.

Just the same, let’s welcome the Spring season. The season of new changes and new things happening! We have a few projects being planned as far as Spring cleaning and redecorating go. Little guy is going to be getting a whole new bedroom decor. Complete Disney/Pixar Cars, he got the bed set and wall decals for his birthday! DH does a lot of interior decorating and he is going to be doing his room. I can’t wait to start posting pictures of the progress and final results! Exciting!

Also, we are once again going to be redoing the yard in a couple of weeks. In about a month’s time or so start figuring out plants and flowers and how we are going to build a play area for the kids, a running area for the dogs and a little garden for us to enjoy. Again, DH is good with outdoor landscaping and making anything out of just about anything so he will be in charge of that while I help with my genius ideas ;-).

On the blog-front,  A Motherhood Experience is going to be turning TWO on May 4th! I’m hoping to plan something fun for all my fabulous readers around that time so stay tuned! As a Bloggaversary gift to all of you, I think I am finally going to buy a domain for A Motherhood Experience, so stay tuned for the announcement on that too!

If you own a business and you’d like to sponsor a gift for our bloggaversary giveaway just contact me!

Speaking of giveaways, it looks like all of ours have come to an end. That makes me kind of sad, but I’m excited to let you all know we have a HUGE giveaway coming up in a few days for the little girl in your life. That’s all I can say about that, as bad as I am at keeping exciting news to myself I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Have fun guessing! 😉
–Posted by @AMotherhoodBlog

*All opinions are honest and my own*


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