Coupon Chief Review

04 Apr

Online shopping is a great way of quickly purchasing the things we need or want from the comfort of our own homes today. With a credit card (or two) and a coffee in hand, online shopping has become a common in almost every computer owning household.

The only problem is that online shopping can be a bit expensive. With shipping costs and other fees sometimes makes you wonder if it would be really worth just packing the kids into the car and taking a trip to the mall in person.

We were introduced to Coupon Chief, one of the fastest growing coupon sites with over 250k visitors a month. They offer over 50k coupons for over 15,000 stores, having one of the largest databases of online coupons on the net.

I love coupons, I have no shame in using coupons if it means saving money in the family budget. This includes everything from food to clothing to household items. Coupon Chief is flowing with great savings from some of today’s top online stores like Old Navy, GAP, Best Buy and so many more! One thing besides the thousands of coupons available that impressed me is that Coupon Chief is community based, users sign up and share any coupons they find around the net. Also a great way to meet other coupon-bloggers in the community!

The site is easy to navigate with a big “search coupons” box at the top. You can search right away or sign up if you want to also share coupon codes you find.

The coupon codes are simple to use. Often when you get to the check out point of your online shopping there will be a space for a coupon code. Simply go to Coupon Chief and search for coupons from the store you’re shopping at, copy & paste into the checkout box on your shopping site! It’s that simple to save online using Coupon Chief.

Coupon Chief also has this great program Coupons-4-Causes. You can help support your favorite cause every time you shop. Just use our coupons for your online shopping, and Coupon Chief will donate up to 20% of the purchase to your favorite charity, school, or church.

Coupon Chief is definitely a fantastic online resource for today’s frugal family! Check it out for yourself, you’ll be amazed by the savings you can find!

*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of Coupon Chief. All opinions about the website and service are honest and my own*


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