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Lays Chip Trips!

Summer is just around the corner, only a short few weeks left before the kids are on summer vacation. Now is the time to begin planning summer trips if you haven’t already.

We’re planning things local this year – right here in Ottawa!

Finding things to do without breaking the bank can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be! Why not save this summer and find something local to do? That’s exactly what we’re doing!

I’d like to introduce you to a great savings program specified just for your summer fun savings, Lay’s® Chip Trips.

What is Lay’s® Chip Trips?

Lay’s® Chip Trips is a fun and simple program developed to give Canadian families a simple and fun way to enjoy summer at home without spending a whole lot.
There are tons of fun things to save on, just about everywhere across Canada. From restaurants and hotels to amusement parks and local attractions, there is something for everyone.

How can you get in on this?

It’s very easy to start saving, three easy steps and you’re on your way:
Pick up any specially marked bags of Lay’s® chips, points vary per bag size.

Visit and register for a Lay’s® Chip Trip account. Start adding those codes!

Find a trip by using the search. By city, by trip, even by postal code you’re sure to find something! Claim your discounts and there you go!

Fun notes:
Bags of Lay’s® 2 new flavours, BBQ Rib and Cheddar & Sour Cream are worth double points!
You can start claiming your savings with just one bag of Lay’s® Chips!

For my readers:

Thanks to Mom Central for a limited time you can use my special code to get 10 points when you sign up for NEW Lay’s® Chip Trips account! Sorry, offer has expired as of May 31st but you can still sign up for Lay’s Chip Trips and accumulate points from specially marked bags of Lay’s!

It’s easy! Just Sign up for Lay’s® Chip Trips and enter this code ANTHR‐HOOD1 for your 10 Chip Trip points! (expires 6 hrs after sign up so use it right away!!) Hurry though the code is only good until May 31st!

We decided to use our first trip on a 5$ subway gift card (30pts) and have a family picnic! Stay tuned for a follow up post on our first Lay’s® Chip Trips adventure!

*This post was written in participation with The Lay’s® Chip Trips blog tour by MomCentral on behalf of Frito Lays. I recieved Chip Trips points and  gift cards for my participation. Other than information about Lay’s provided, all thoughts reflected in these posts are my own*


Growing in my yard

Every year I dream of this gorgeous outdoor oasis in my backyard – filled with beautiful trees and flowers. Sitting on the deck enjoying the summer sun while the kids play in the kiddy pool.

With the yard being a mud-soil-clay mix, it’s been quite the task to grow anything new – even grass. Hubby threw grass seed last year, it took all summer to grow and this year, at least the center of the yard is green!

Trees have begun budding some even blooming and those mystery plants/flowers in my little flower garden seemed to have doubled in population and are growing once again…

Today, as I went to throw the kitchen garbage in the can I stopped to see what was growing in my back yard.

These are beautiful – from a tree in the yard, not quite sure what kind of tree. The blossoms are pretty but fragile – strong wind and they’re on the ground so I thought I’d photograph them while they’re here.

The mystery flowers, actually I think they are violets – growing by the bunches in my flower garden!

Last and really should be least, they aren’t flowers, we hate them and kids love picking them: Dandylions (lol) Thought I’d throw that one in for a smile 🙂

We will be finding out in a couple of weeks if the flower seeds we planted are going to take – unless the dog ruined them or the squirrels got them. Dd is hoping and wishing for them to grow so cross your fingers – we’ll have that oasis someday…

Until next time…keep dreaming


Savings and Samples

We all like saving money on our favorite products, who doesn’t. What better way to try out a product then when a company is offering free samples to their customers, coupons and other little goodies! Things like beauty product samples, baby product samples, colouring page print outs for your kids, coupons and more.

Lately I’ve been looking around on websites about promotional samples of new products to try out and I’ve found a few I’d like to share. Also, there are so many cool forums out there where moms just like us share links to samples and coupons etc so we can try them before we buy them. These forums and websites have been around for years but I thought I would share them with people who don’t know about them too. Besides who doesn’t like getting something in the mail that isn’t a bill to pay!

Irish Spring – Add a little Irish to your game
Play a neat little Irish spring game for your chance to win one of two special edition Irish Spring T-Shirts. I figured fathers day is coming up and if he’s Irish it’s a cute little extra to add onto Dads gift this year.

TapOut Sport Nutrition – Sign up for free TapOut Dogtags.
Have a UFC fan in your house? Another cool little extra you can add to Dads fathers day gift this year. Sign up at the website and voila. It took about 12hrs to get my confirmation email.

L’Oreal – It’s time to come clean

This ones for us ladies. L’Oreal is giving away free samples of their new Go 360 clean scrub and the scrublet. I love L’Oreal products so I can’t wait to try this one!

Don’t forget to sign up for the Dolphins Club over at HydraSense too!

These are a few of the forums I mentioned earlier for links to great samples and savings coupons:


Fabulous Canadian Freebies

Bargain Moose
Free – This ones a newsletter that sometimes has some good links, updated often.

Remember: Any website that seems bogus are probably trying to collect information for annoying spam or phishing sites. These usually have ads plastered all over them, ask you to pay a fee, unprofessional looking or free web sites urls like (companies can afford their own domains!) or a website that has the word “free” in it like “” for example. Always read the fine print at the bottom too.

Other than that, have a safe and fum time. If you have any favorites please feel free to leave a comment and a link to share! Happy savings hunting!

until next time…keep dreaming always…


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