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BornFree® Eco Deco Bottles Giveaway

Earlier this year we had the opporunity to try the BornFree® sippy cups and Twist’n pop cups. Both little guy and I love our BornFree® cups!

BornFree® has been a BPA-Free company from day one and was founded by three fathers concerned about the chemicals in plastics designed for feeding children.

BornFree® has launched an Eco-Friendly line of Recyclable Bottles in both Eco Deco and Eco Classic styles.

These are not just ordinary bottles.

Not only do they feature BornFree®’s signature ActiveFlow™ Vent that has been proven to reduce colic symptoms, when finished with them, you can either take the bottles back to an eco-retailer for recycling or send them back to BornFree® via prepaid postage. Look for the green ring!

Green. Right from the start.

To learn more about the BornFree® recycling program click here!

Win it!

BornFree® are generously giving A Motherhood Experience reader’s a chance to win your very own Twin-pack of Eco Deco bottles!

Mandatory entry:
Leave a comment below giving us one of your best Eco-friendly tips!

Like BornFree® Canada on Facebook and leave a comment to let us know you did, grand prize winner gets bonus Twin pack of any type of BornFree pacifier or teether!

Good luck!

*Giveaway open to Canadian residents and closes April 15th 2011. For more info see our giveaway rules*

*This post was written on behalf of BornFree®. Giveaway prize sponsored by BornFree®. All opinions are honest and my own*

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Dare Bear Paws Crunchy Crackers

When it comes to easy access snacks, crackers are an automatic healthy snack choice in our house. Our only concern when buying products like crackers, cookies etc that may eventually end up on a lunch is to make sure they are nut free. Our daughters school is nut-free and we, like any other parent abide by the no-nut rule for safeties sake.

We had the opportunity to try out the new Dare Bear Paws Crunchy Crackers in cheddar cheese!

Fun meets crunch in these baked crackers, shaped like the original Bear Paws cookies, that are made with real cheddar! Perfect in lunch-boxes or as a snack at home, the whole family is sure to love every bite!

We occasionally buy Bear Paws cookies which our kids love, so we knew they would enjoy the new Dare Bear Paws Crunchy crackers too!

We are happy that there are companies like Dare who care about the health and well being of our families by putting pride into quality food products.

For more information about & where to buy Dare products visit

*This is not a sponsored post. We had the opportunity to try Dare Bear Paws Crunchy crackers on behalf of the MomCentral Canada testing panel. All opinions are honest and my own*

– Posted by @AMotherhoodBlog


Book Review: The MOM book by Stacy DeBroff

We all need a little guidance when entering the unknown trails of motherhood. We tend to get advice from the minute we announce our pregnancy up until our kids are grown up and on their own. Everybody wants to make sure we raise these kids right – even if their advice isn’t.

No matter how much advice you get, sometimes the best advice comes from mothers who’ve already been there, done all that and some. Hearing other mothers stories can help a flustered mom get through a rough patch.

That’s why I enjoyed reading The Mom book by Stacy DeBroff . My own mother gave it to me as a gift when I was pregnant with my first child in 2004 and I’m glad she did. With 4278 Mom Central tips It quickly became my bible up until she was three – referencing back to parts I’d read before, time after time. I still refer to it even for my second child.

The book covers everything from A-Z in parenting and raising little ones to make sure you’re as prepared as you can be for being Mom. Breast/Bottle feeding, potty traing, weaning, crafts, getting older kids to help out, allowances and being mom etc. Quotes from other moms included in each chapter give a sense of comfort knowing you’re not alone! I enjoyed it from beginning to end!

I recommend The MOM book to any (new) moms looking for an amazing resource guide to parenting – this is one of my favourites!

Author of The Mom book series, Stacy DeBroff is a nationally-acclaimed parenting expert, a best-selling author, regular TV show guest, corporate spokesperson, and founder and CEO of Mom Central – A great community created for moms, by moms. Click for more info on Stacy DeBroff and all her amazing work!

Until next time…keep dreaming


*This review is based on my own personal opinion and was not sponsored or compensated in any way*


Mothers day at school

Today parents were invited to our kids school to celebrate Education week by listening to grade 5/6 students read story books & then our kindergarten class had a special song (in French) and a mothers day craft afterward.
I thought it was a nice gesture and since I missed out at christmas on the gingerbread house making due to an appointment, opportunity to get involved.
We figured since mommy had to walk to the school anyway, dd would just walk with me too – it was gorgeous out!
We got to the school a little late so by policy had to drag the poor girl up to the office, sign her in and then go outside around to the back to her classroom – what a workout!
When we arrived the grade 5/6 were already reading their stories. Dd sat in a group of three other girls to listen to her story..
After a long and slowly read story Mme announced the next event – the song the kids had been practicing.
I looked around and noticed there weren’t a whole lot of mothers or fathers who came, too bad because it was nice.
I recorded the song (poorly, missed the first 10 seconds) there was even a little dance routine but dd was placed at the back near the wall so you can’t see her well 😦
Then we did the craft. Planting a seed together then making a mothers day card.
Dd proudly placed the soil in the pot & planted about six seeds (lol), watered it and voilà now she waits.
For the cards dd chose some flowers and things to glue on the card and a nice insert, I helped her with some parts but otherwise she did it on her own. I was proud to see her so proud of herself.

It was defintely a nice way to spend time just her and I.
Afterward, she had a choice: Stay at school, eat and play computers or come home with mommy. She chose home, on the walk back she tells me she chose to come with me because she loves having time together. She’s such a thoughtful, bright, funny little girl – this made my mothersday even more special this year!
Until next time – keep dreaming



Beat the rain

Today’s weather was really weird. It was blue skys in the morning with fluffy white clouds. I managed to wash and hang a load of bedclothes out on my line to dry in the breeze that picked up in the afternoon.
Thunder storms for some of the region were announced via the weather network and various sources on Twitter, so we anticipated a storm.
My daughter wanted to ride her bike before it started to rain. She needs a new girl bike – the other blue one we have “is for boys” so she chose her old Dora bike – it’s going in our upcoming garage sale, too small for her but anyway she was only riding the thing around the driveway.

Daddy set her up with her helmet and his set of riding rules, she’s still learning.
With that she was off doing laps while daddy cut the grass and I went to tend to little man. After daddy was done cutting the grass I went out and watched her ride around.
She was so proud! It brought back memories of feeling the joy of learning to ride a bike – I’m rusty these days.

She beat the rain, by minutes but she had a fun time even if it was just outside our front door. It’s the little things that make them smile, which make us smile.
Until next time…Keep dreaming always…



Iams Healthy Inside, Healthy Outside

Iams ProActive Health – Review and Giveaway!
“Healthy inside, Healthy outside”

Giveaway closed! Thank you and congrats to the winner!

Meet Zeus. Zeus is our family dog, a 3 year old 110lb Fawn Doberman Pinscher. His breed is rare but it’s his personality that makes him ours. He’s a great pet, loyal and loving. Although, at times he can be a little crazy by mudding up the house, barking at the mailman/neighbourhood kids or whining to no end, we still love him. He’s our Zeus & we wouldn’t trade him for anything, he’s truly a special member of this family.
As a member of our family he not only deserves love and attention but he also deserves the best food and nutrition. Our only problem: finding a good quality dog food Zeus both enjoys and is healthy for him!

He is picky about his food, we haven’t found a quality brand he enjoys – he will eat what he’s offered but you can tell he’s thinking “yuck”. There are so many different brands of dogfood out there from store brands to the more expensive brands, there is a difference in the ingredients so read the health information on bags of dog food you purchase carefully to find out what exactly your dog is eating. Certain foods are made for certain types of dogs, ages and breeds. Zeus had the opportunity to try out a new type of dog food – Iams ProActive Health!

Iams has come out with a new type of dog food called Iams ProActive Health. Iams ProActive Health formula has PreBiotics which work inside the digestive tract to promote healthy digestion and strong defenses.”Healthy inside. Healthy outside.”

There are different formulas for every dog – large breed, mature, puppy, small breed etc. We picked up a *bag formulated for large breed dogs*

Zeus took to the food as he does any new food – with precaution. He hesitated on trying something new but after a few attempts we got him eating it! He usually eats once a day, out of his very LARGE dog food bowl, half a bowl usually around the same time we have supper. With the other brands we noticed he wasn’t eating enough, he always seemed hungry. Now since he’s been on Iams honestly, he’s eating everything in his bowl. So we don’t know if its because he knows its good for him or that it taste good but either way he likes it! So far so good, knowing my dog likes it, will actually eat it and it’s good for him inside and out, I recommend trying Iams Proactive Health for your furry, four legged friend! One feeding tip that can help reduce the stress of introducing a new food to your dog is, mix a little of his old brand with the new brand and generally eliminate the old food, let him introduce himself to the food, don’t push him or make him eat it if he doesn’t want to. Also, make sure to have a fresh bowl of water for fido to wash it down with!

Sorry! The giveaway ended on May 14th but for more information on Iams, their products and pet care tips visit

Now for the special part of this post: The Iams Proactive Health Giveaway!

Want to WIN a bag of Iams Proactive Health dog food for your dog?

Thanks to Iams and MomCentral one lucky reader can win a voucher for a free 17.5 lbs bag of Iams Proactive Health for their dog! Simply leave a valid email address and a comment below about your dogs favorite food and your in the draw! Canadian residents only!

Good luck and until next time…Keep Dreaming!

*This review/giveaway was brought to you by mom central on behalf of Iams. One entry per person – Entries only valid for non-members of this blog tour. This giveaway ended May 14th 2010 when a lucky reader was chosen at random to recieve their prize. This post was written in participation with The Iams blog tour by momcentral. I recieved a *product voucher for review and 20$ giftcard for participation, thanks again to momcentral for the opportunity!*


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Where I get my inspiration

Many people keep blogs for many reasons. Some may be for income purposes, some may just want to rant, either way any blog would not exist without some sort of inspiration. Whether this inspiration come from professional or personal experiences, with just an idea a blog is born.

My first child was born in 2004, we had so much going on I could barely keep a myspace blog open. Several years passed, I kept online through facebook, parenting forums etc but always felt something was missing. We had our second child in 2008, again had so much going on. I had kept a msn spaces blog about my son but had to take it down because of difference in opinion with some of our family members.

I finally came back into the blogging world or blogosphere April 2009 (coming close to the one year blogaversary!). After joining twitter and realizing there are a lot of other stay at home moms out there just like me who have a passion for writing I decided to start a blog. At first I wanted to jump right in doing product reviews and things like that but it never took off until I finally found my niche. Being a mother of two what better subject of knowledge to write about than my beautiful kids, loving man and the crazyness of life in between it all, through a Motherhood Experience.

I’m happy to have this blog, even if it’s still in its infant stage I’m proud of it. I’m proud of it because it has gotten me the opportunity to share with other stay at home moms like myself. I’m happy to have had the opportunity so far to meet some amazing people and with their help begin to work on some projects I believe in and am proud to be a part of.

I don’t know if I would be into blogging without the life I live now. It’s not always perfect but it’s mine and I love it. So many people have asked me if I would change a thing. My answer is and always will be no, I wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂 Until next time…keep dreaming


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