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Summer time

Growing up, summer time was filled with ice cream cones, good friends and bike riding around town in celebration of yet another school year ended and a new one soon to begin.

Where I grew up we didn’t have the luxery of public pools or parks. Swimming was a treat if you found a clean source or if parents took their kids a town and a half over to swim in the bay.

It seemed so innocent and free back then, I don’t remember it raining as much as it does now 20 some years later.

My parents, up until they separated, raised us in the country town they were raised in. These days I’m raising my own kids in the heart of the Capitol city of Canada.

There is a public pool and several parks in every community and every district so there are always places to bring the kids.

We live in the east end. There is a celebration going on up the street, I think it’s a Muslim community religious celebration of some kind. They have a carnival set up, we could hear the fireworks.

It reminds me of the old days going to the super ex, one of the fun activities Ottawa has to offer each summer. Take a group of good friend and enjoy a day of rides, exhibits, cotton candy and concerts.

My youngest is still too young to participate in any carnivals or water parks etc but I plan to make their future summers off from school memorable ones.

Dd had an outing activity of going to the circus thus summer with her preschool group as well as lots of swimming and going camping with her cousins plus her upcoming 5th birthday party, august 29th.

It’s been a busy summer despite the crazy weather we’ve had. September is coming quick with dd starting Kindergarten and upcoming appoinents for the rest of us.

Well it’s time to say goodnight

Until next time keep dreaming

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Telling it like they think it is.

-Wisemen speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something- Plato

In life you will always have at least a few people deciding to take it upon themselves to tell you “like it is” or at least how they perceive whatever it is they feel the need to let their voice be heard about, despite the consequences.

Whether it comes in the form of an e-mail, written letter or voiced verbally, words can still hurt and burn bridges if not chosen properly by those deemed “loved ones”.

Not everyone will agree with everyone they meet, befriend or are even related to. But being considerate toward others feelings is important in any relationship no matter how angry or hurt you are. If you expect respect you have to show respect.

Recently this kind of thing happened in my world where yet again family decided to “tell it as they see”.

Not to get into the nitty gritty of family disputes but this one came as a shock in the form of a letter. A situation that needn’t begun had the accuser had just thought of others and how it could affect their relationship instead of being so selfish and telling it as they see.

If you care about somebody shouldn’t you accept them despite their faults and mistakes? Shouldn’t you be there for them even for the little things as they have tried so hard to be there for you, the best way they know how? That’s what I thought a real family was. At least that’s what my mother taught me about true unconditional love.

It amazes me how many people thrive on other peoples mishaps in life. Enjoy seeing them squirm instead of holding out their hand. Expecting something in return after offering what one would consider a gesture of kindness, only to find out an alternative route, a guilt soaked con if you will.

Constant judgement on everything from weigh (or lack of), and finances to parenting, and cooking etc. If the person is already on the ground what gives you the right to kick dirt in their faces when you’re already covered in mud.

Nobody is perfect therefore need not judge before stepping back and recalling their own mistakes.

Situations like these are ones where you can either forgive and move on or cut the rope and carry on. Sad to say but this time it’s not my call.

— Until Next Post…keep dreaming!

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