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BornFree® Eco Deco Bottles Giveaway

Earlier this year we had the opporunity to try the BornFree® sippy cups and Twist’n pop cups. Both little guy and I love our BornFree® cups!

BornFree® has been a BPA-Free company from day one and was founded by three fathers concerned about the chemicals in plastics designed for feeding children.

BornFree® has launched an Eco-Friendly line of Recyclable Bottles in both Eco Deco and Eco Classic styles.

These are not just ordinary bottles.

Not only do they feature BornFree®’s signature ActiveFlow™ Vent that has been proven to reduce colic symptoms, when finished with them, you can either take the bottles back to an eco-retailer for recycling or send them back to BornFree® via prepaid postage. Look for the green ring!

Green. Right from the start.

To learn more about the BornFree® recycling program click here!

Win it!

BornFree® are generously giving A Motherhood Experience reader’s a chance to win your very own Twin-pack of Eco Deco bottles!

Mandatory entry:
Leave a comment below giving us one of your best Eco-friendly tips!

Like BornFree® Canada on Facebook and leave a comment to let us know you did, grand prize winner gets bonus Twin pack of any type of BornFree pacifier or teether!

Good luck!

*Giveaway open to Canadian residents and closes April 15th 2011. For more info see our giveaway rules*

*This post was written on behalf of BornFree®. Giveaway prize sponsored by BornFree®. All opinions are honest and my own*

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BornFree Sippy and Twist’nPop Cups Review and Giveaway

Being a mother of two I have had my share of sippy cup purchasing experience. With our girl we tried several different kinds and she ended up catching on with one particular brand so we stuck with it until she was able to drink from a non-lid cup, even then a cup with a lid comes in handy when your kids are determined to spill just about everything.

With little guy it’s been different. We have tried him with his sister’s old sippy cups and he refuses to drink from them and says they are her cups unless of course she is using one then he wants what she has, typical little brother behaviour. We have bought several different kinds and styles of sippy cup, even one that almost resembles a bottle but nope, no dice. He can’t manage to drink out of them. The spouts flow too fast or are too slow. We have been looking for a good quality sippy cup that doesn’t leak and our little guy can actually drink from properly.

We were happy to review BornFree sippy cups and the newest line in BornFree cups -the Twist’nPop cup. Incase you didn’t know, BornFree is the worlds leading BPA-free baby brand and specializes in designing baby and toddler products like baby bottles, pacifiers and sippy cups using safe materials with the smartest innovations. BornFree cups and bottles feature the unique BornFree venting system, designed to reduce colic and middle-ear infections.

The sippy cup is what we were most interested in although the Twist’nPop cup will come in handy for our girl to use or for little guy when he is a bit older and masters the first stage of drinking like a big boy!

The sippy cup came in blue, which he loved. It’s leak-proof and has the unique BornFree venting system, rubber spout, removable handles so you can use it as a beginner or for toddlers and of course the lid. The size is good, holds about 12oz. Very simple to take apart to clean and very simple to assemble back together, no more fighting with crooked lids. It is also dishwasher safe.

As for little guy, it seems he had a very easy time drinking out of this one. No complaints, in which case he would usually throw the cup on the floor and say “it’s broken”. He’s enjoying his new BornFree sippy cup and I’m happy at the fact it works for both of us.
The Twist’nPop cup is a 14oz toddler drinking cup with a twist-straw mouth and silicon straw. It is quite big in size and has an ergonomic design making it easy for smaller hands to hold it. Although I find the cap is harder for little guy to twist open and close but he is still just mastering the sippy cup itself. To open the Twist’nPop you twist the cap counter-clockwise until the straw pops-out and to close you just twist the cap the opposite way until you see the arrow and know that it’s properly sealed to keep the straw clean and prevent leaks. All parts are removable, easy to wash like the sippy cup are also dishwasher safe.

For more information about BornFree and all their baby products please visit!

Win it!
BornFree are giving one of A Motherhood Experience’s readers the chance to win both the BornFree Sippy cup and the Twist’nGo cup!

Mandatory entry: “Like” BornFree on Facebook, leave a comment on their wall saying “A Motherhood Experience Blog sent me!” and leave a comment below this post letting me know you did so! In order for other entries to count you must do this first 😉

Extra entries:

Good Luck everyone!

*Giveaway closes February 20th and is open to Canadian residents. One winner will be contacted via email and receive both the sippy cup and the Twist’nGo cup on behalf of BornFree.*

*This review was written by A Motherhood Experience Blog on behalf of BornFree. We received one (1) BornFree sippy cup and one (1) Twist’nPop cup for review purposes. Giveaway prize is sponsored by BornFree. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*



Mabel’s Labels Colourful Ultimate Back-To-School Combo review and giveaway!

School is out for summer but before we know it we will be scrambling around getting our little ones organized to go back to school! My daughter will be heading to grade 1 in september which means more supplies and other things that will be lost along the way. This year we are sending her prepared with Mabel’s Labels new limited edition Colourful Ultimate Back-To-School Combo!

Personalized and durable, Mabel’s Labels are created by brilliant moms for everything that needs a label. The bright colours and patterns help younger children identify their items while older ones have fun having their name on a special label. Mabel’s Labels are truly durable, we had placed Classic Sticky labels on her rubber rain boots months ago  and the labels are still in tact. We have used them on just about everything that’s left the house with our daughter and they have always passed the “kid durability test” with ours! Organizing for school should be no problem!
The Colourful Ultimate Back-To-School Combo is $44.00 and includes 50 TagMates™, 40 Skinny-Minis™, 16 Shoe labels and 2 TeenyTags. All the durable, waterproof labels needed in Mabel’s most vibrant designs for a great price. Visit for all your labelling needs.

Win it!
Thanks to Mabel’s Labels, one lucky reader has a chance to win their very own Colourful Ultimate Back-To-School Combo! Visit and leave a comment below telling us what you think of the new Mabel and new designs!

Dont forget to:

Good Luck and happy labelling!

*Giveaway closes August 11th 2010 and is open to US & CANADA. One entry per person. One reader will win their own Colourful Ultimate Back-To-School Combo on behalf of Mabel’s Labels. The winner will be chosen at random and contacted via provided email address.*

*This review and giveaway are brought to you by A Motherhood Experience Blog on behalf of Mabel’s Labels. We received a Colourful Ultimate Back-To-School combo for review purposes. All opinions about products reviewed are my own*


Iams Healthy Inside, Healthy Outside

Iams ProActive Health – Review and Giveaway!
“Healthy inside, Healthy outside”

Giveaway closed! Thank you and congrats to the winner!

Meet Zeus. Zeus is our family dog, a 3 year old 110lb Fawn Doberman Pinscher. His breed is rare but it’s his personality that makes him ours. He’s a great pet, loyal and loving. Although, at times he can be a little crazy by mudding up the house, barking at the mailman/neighbourhood kids or whining to no end, we still love him. He’s our Zeus & we wouldn’t trade him for anything, he’s truly a special member of this family.
As a member of our family he not only deserves love and attention but he also deserves the best food and nutrition. Our only problem: finding a good quality dog food Zeus both enjoys and is healthy for him!

He is picky about his food, we haven’t found a quality brand he enjoys – he will eat what he’s offered but you can tell he’s thinking “yuck”. There are so many different brands of dogfood out there from store brands to the more expensive brands, there is a difference in the ingredients so read the health information on bags of dog food you purchase carefully to find out what exactly your dog is eating. Certain foods are made for certain types of dogs, ages and breeds. Zeus had the opportunity to try out a new type of dog food – Iams ProActive Health!

Iams has come out with a new type of dog food called Iams ProActive Health. Iams ProActive Health formula has PreBiotics which work inside the digestive tract to promote healthy digestion and strong defenses.”Healthy inside. Healthy outside.”

There are different formulas for every dog – large breed, mature, puppy, small breed etc. We picked up a *bag formulated for large breed dogs*

Zeus took to the food as he does any new food – with precaution. He hesitated on trying something new but after a few attempts we got him eating it! He usually eats once a day, out of his very LARGE dog food bowl, half a bowl usually around the same time we have supper. With the other brands we noticed he wasn’t eating enough, he always seemed hungry. Now since he’s been on Iams honestly, he’s eating everything in his bowl. So we don’t know if its because he knows its good for him or that it taste good but either way he likes it! So far so good, knowing my dog likes it, will actually eat it and it’s good for him inside and out, I recommend trying Iams Proactive Health for your furry, four legged friend! One feeding tip that can help reduce the stress of introducing a new food to your dog is, mix a little of his old brand with the new brand and generally eliminate the old food, let him introduce himself to the food, don’t push him or make him eat it if he doesn’t want to. Also, make sure to have a fresh bowl of water for fido to wash it down with!

Sorry! The giveaway ended on May 14th but for more information on Iams, their products and pet care tips visit

Now for the special part of this post: The Iams Proactive Health Giveaway!

Want to WIN a bag of Iams Proactive Health dog food for your dog?

Thanks to Iams and MomCentral one lucky reader can win a voucher for a free 17.5 lbs bag of Iams Proactive Health for their dog! Simply leave a valid email address and a comment below about your dogs favorite food and your in the draw! Canadian residents only!

Good luck and until next time…Keep Dreaming!

*This review/giveaway was brought to you by mom central on behalf of Iams. One entry per person – Entries only valid for non-members of this blog tour. This giveaway ended May 14th 2010 when a lucky reader was chosen at random to recieve their prize. This post was written in participation with The Iams blog tour by momcentral. I recieved a *product voucher for review and 20$ giftcard for participation, thanks again to momcentral for the opportunity!*


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Lysol Healthy Touch Winner!

First off, thank you to the people at for making this giveaway possible & a huge thank you to everyone who showed their support and entered my first review-giveaway, it was fun! Can’t wait to do more & I hope you all join me in the future!

Secondly, sorry for the delay in choosing the Lysol Healthy Touch winner – things can get a little hectic around here at times!

And finally our winner, Congratulations to Carrie (aka @Miss_Scarlett99)! You have won your very own Lysol Healthy Touch Handsoap Dispenser!

With that my first giveaway is officially closed – I hope you all come back to join me for my next giveaway coming up soon on A Motherhood Experience!

Until next time…Keep Dreaming



Lysol Healthy Touch Review and Giveaway!

Germs are gross plain and simple. They cause bacteria which is easily shared among people in a household. I can admit I have become somewhat of a germaphobe since having children. I wipe things after sticky hands touch them, tables, chairs, door knobs, railings, toys you name it, especially when they are sick!

We try to enforce hand washing in this household – hundreds of bacterial germs can get on you just by using something like a public door handle. With the oldest in school and the youngest who puts everything in his mouth – cleanliness is not an option.

The kitchen gets a lot of traffic, kids running in and out the back door – rule: wash your hands if you’ve been playing outside. Sounds simple until my five year old tries it. Dirt on the soap dispenser and soapy water all around the sink from using way too much. Bar soap? Forget it. They harbour bacteria which can spread to the next one to touch it plus they aren’t as effective for killing germs. What a mess, until now.

Lysol came out with a great way to keep the dispenser clean & get hands washed – the Lysol Healthy Touch, No Touch hand soap system. We have all used the automatic hand soap/sanitizers, water taps and hand dryers in public washrooms and now Lysol is bringing it into our homes.

Having had the opportunity to try it (thanks to the people at Lysol for sending me a cute gift basket), I can honestly say I wish I had tried it sooner! A neat looking, counter top soap dispenser that uses a automatic motion sensor to distribute just the right amount of soap needed to sanatize those dirty hands and it’s made by Lysol who are one of my favourite brands for household cleaning products.

My daughter was amazed at the fact there are no pumps or buttons to press and parents there is an on/off switch at the back just incase, you wouldn’t want to waste any soap! It doesn’t drip or leave any residue where the soap comes out so no left over soap mess on the counter. The hand soap itself smells good & fresh with moisturizers leaving your hands feeling silky soft too!

The Lysol no touch hand soap system can be purchased at most stores that sell Lysol products like Walmart – $9.95 for a starter kit which includes the dispenser, soap & 4 AA batteries and $4.95 for a refill bottle of hand soap. The hand soap comes in two great smelling fragrances – Hydrating cucumber splash and Cleansing green tea & Ginger.

WIN IT!!!!
It’s time for a giveaway! Lysol and I are going to give one lucky reader their very own Lysol Healthy Touch-No Touch HandSoap system!

All you have to do is:
— Visit for more information and leave a comment below telling me which room (bathroom or kitchen) would the Lysol No Touch Handsoap system be used the most in your house! — don’t forget to include your email address to contact you if you are the lucky winner!
That’s it!

Extra entries:
– Become a fan of A Motherhood Experience on FaceBook.
– Follow me on Twitter @iDream1
– Tweet about this review/giveaway
– Subscribe to A Motherhood Experience blog.

Canadian residents only (sorry!)

NOTE: If you are having difficulties posting a comment – choose “name/URL” or “anonymous” as a profile if you
don’t have a google account! Just remember to leave your name & email so I can contact
you if you win!

*Giveaway ends April 20th @ 11:59Pm (Eastern). The winner will be then chosen at random by and contacted via provided email. The winner has 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be chosen. Thanks for participating and Good Luck!*



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