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Dare Bear Paws Crunchy Crackers

When it comes to easy access snacks, crackers are an automatic healthy snack choice in our house. Our only concern when buying products like crackers, cookies etc that may eventually end up on a lunch is to make sure they are nut free. Our daughters school is nut-free and we, like any other parent abide by the no-nut rule for safeties sake.

We had the opportunity to try out the new Dare Bear Paws Crunchy Crackers in cheddar cheese!

Fun meets crunch in these baked crackers, shaped like the original Bear Paws cookies, that are made with real cheddar! Perfect in lunch-boxes or as a snack at home, the whole family is sure to love every bite!

We occasionally buy Bear Paws cookies which our kids love, so we knew they would enjoy the new Dare Bear Paws Crunchy crackers too!

We are happy that there are companies like Dare who care about the health and well being of our families by putting pride into quality food products.

For more information about & where to buy Dare products visit

*This is not a sponsored post. We had the opportunity to try Dare Bear Paws Crunchy crackers on behalf of the MomCentral Canada testing panel. All opinions are honest and my own*

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BornFree Sippy and Twist’nPop Cups Review and Giveaway

Being a mother of two I have had my share of sippy cup purchasing experience. With our girl we tried several different kinds and she ended up catching on with one particular brand so we stuck with it until she was able to drink from a non-lid cup, even then a cup with a lid comes in handy when your kids are determined to spill just about everything.

With little guy it’s been different. We have tried him with his sister’s old sippy cups and he refuses to drink from them and says they are her cups unless of course she is using one then he wants what she has, typical little brother behaviour. We have bought several different kinds and styles of sippy cup, even one that almost resembles a bottle but nope, no dice. He can’t manage to drink out of them. The spouts flow too fast or are too slow. We have been looking for a good quality sippy cup that doesn’t leak and our little guy can actually drink from properly.

We were happy to review BornFree sippy cups and the newest line in BornFree cups -the Twist’nPop cup. Incase you didn’t know, BornFree is the worlds leading BPA-free baby brand and specializes in designing baby and toddler products like baby bottles, pacifiers and sippy cups using safe materials with the smartest innovations. BornFree cups and bottles feature the unique BornFree venting system, designed to reduce colic and middle-ear infections.

The sippy cup is what we were most interested in although the Twist’nPop cup will come in handy for our girl to use or for little guy when he is a bit older and masters the first stage of drinking like a big boy!

The sippy cup came in blue, which he loved. It’s leak-proof and has the unique BornFree venting system, rubber spout, removable handles so you can use it as a beginner or for toddlers and of course the lid. The size is good, holds about 12oz. Very simple to take apart to clean and very simple to assemble back together, no more fighting with crooked lids. It is also dishwasher safe.

As for little guy, it seems he had a very easy time drinking out of this one. No complaints, in which case he would usually throw the cup on the floor and say “it’s broken”. He’s enjoying his new BornFree sippy cup and I’m happy at the fact it works for both of us.
The Twist’nPop cup is a 14oz toddler drinking cup with a twist-straw mouth and silicon straw. It is quite big in size and has an ergonomic design making it easy for smaller hands to hold it. Although I find the cap is harder for little guy to twist open and close but he is still just mastering the sippy cup itself. To open the Twist’nPop you twist the cap counter-clockwise until the straw pops-out and to close you just twist the cap the opposite way until you see the arrow and know that it’s properly sealed to keep the straw clean and prevent leaks. All parts are removable, easy to wash like the sippy cup are also dishwasher safe.

For more information about BornFree and all their baby products please visit!

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BornFree are giving one of A Motherhood Experience’s readers the chance to win both the BornFree Sippy cup and the Twist’nGo cup!

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Good Luck everyone!

*Giveaway closes February 20th and is open to Canadian residents. One winner will be contacted via email and receive both the sippy cup and the Twist’nGo cup on behalf of BornFree.*

*This review was written by A Motherhood Experience Blog on behalf of BornFree. We received one (1) BornFree sippy cup and one (1) Twist’nPop cup for review purposes. Giveaway prize is sponsored by BornFree. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*



Book Review: Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado

BookSneeze Book Review: Outlive your life, you were made to make a difference by Max Lucado

Thanks to my friend Canadian Coupon Mom, I found out about a great book review program for bloggers over at It’s easy to join you sign up, choose a book and write a review about it on your blog. Great concept!

My first book to review for booksneeze is “Outlive your life you were made to make a difference” by new York times best selling author Max Lucado.

It is an enlightening biblical book about making changes in your life and bettering the future through gods good graces. Now, having never read a biblical type book I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised.

The book is well written of course, referencing the bible and telling stories of others life experiences throughout giving a positive feel as you read through chapter after chapter. It’s very optimistic and something I would suggest reading if you need a little positive reinforcement in your life.

It’s not only a book for Christians but a book that makes you realize we are going about this life all wrong with our negative ways and it’s time to take control and change the world one person at a time.

These are difficult days in our world’s history. Billions of people are poor, millions go hungry or thirsty every day. Disease claims thousands of lives daily. But you and I have been given an opportunity to make a big difference. What if we did? What if we rocked the world with hope? Infiltrated all corners with God’s love and life? We are created by a great God to do great works. He invites us to outlive our lives, not just in heaven, but here on earth. Let’s live our lives in such a way that the world will be glad we did.”

Interested in reading the first chapter? You can download it in PDF format here.

Thank you booksneeze for the opportunity!

*I received a complimentary copy of the book mentioned from in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received for this review*

– Posted by @AMotherhoodBlog

*All opinions on this blog are honest & my own*

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I love a deal

I love finding a good deal on stuff we use everyday especially when it’s on products I normally don’t buy because of the price.

My kids are have sensitive skin, fragrances and chemicals cause rashes. Also, as for any other mom with a young child I prefer buying tear free kinds to risk the burn of accidently getting soap/shampoo in the eyes.

Shopping at our local dollarama I came across something you normally don’t see at dollarama: Huggies baby shampoo/bodywash & lotion. My kids aren’t small babies anymore but tear free and at 2$ each instead of the typical $4 and up we’d normally pay at a drug store or deparement store so, I bought a couple to try out.

We’ve tried Huggies – Soft Skin Shea Butter with oatmeal Hair & Body wash & Huggies – Naturally Refreshing Cucumber & Green Tea Hair & Body Wash.

I was really impressed, they smell great, are truly gentle on the skin & eyes plus it’s a 2-in-1. Leaves both hair & skin feeling soft and smelling fresh!

If you’re looking for a great baby wash for a great price, check out your local dollarama because you never know what’s in store!

*This post was written in honest opinion of a product I’ve purchased and used for my family and is not sponsored by the mentioned companies*

Until next time…Keep dreaming always…


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Mabel’s Labels Colourful Ultimate Back-To-School Combo review and giveaway!

School is out for summer but before we know it we will be scrambling around getting our little ones organized to go back to school! My daughter will be heading to grade 1 in september which means more supplies and other things that will be lost along the way. This year we are sending her prepared with Mabel’s Labels new limited edition Colourful Ultimate Back-To-School Combo!

Personalized and durable, Mabel’s Labels are created by brilliant moms for everything that needs a label. The bright colours and patterns help younger children identify their items while older ones have fun having their name on a special label. Mabel’s Labels are truly durable, we had placed Classic Sticky labels on her rubber rain boots months ago  and the labels are still in tact. We have used them on just about everything that’s left the house with our daughter and they have always passed the “kid durability test” with ours! Organizing for school should be no problem!
The Colourful Ultimate Back-To-School Combo is $44.00 and includes 50 TagMatesâ„¢, 40 Skinny-Minisâ„¢, 16 Shoe labels and 2 TeenyTags. All the durable, waterproof labels needed in Mabel’s most vibrant designs for a great price. Visit for all your labelling needs.

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Thanks to Mabel’s Labels, one lucky reader has a chance to win their very own Colourful Ultimate Back-To-School Combo! Visit and leave a comment below telling us what you think of the new Mabel and new designs!

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Good Luck and happy labelling!

*Giveaway closes August 11th 2010 and is open to US & CANADA. One entry per person. One reader will win their own Colourful Ultimate Back-To-School Combo on behalf of Mabel’s Labels. The winner will be chosen at random and contacted via provided email address.*

*This review and giveaway are brought to you by A Motherhood Experience Blog on behalf of Mabel’s Labels. We received a Colourful Ultimate Back-To-School combo for review purposes. All opinions about products reviewed are my own*


Premiere evening Sex And The City style

Last night I attended the premiere of the much anticipated sequel to one of my fav movies (and TV series) Sex and The City 2. Having luckily won tickets the day before, I brought one of my good friends for a special evening out – Sex And The City style!

It was all thanks to @KelliDaisy and the wonderful people at Billings Bridge for creating an amazing evening for us ladies to enjoy here in Ottawa. And enjoy we did, it was a wonderful evening.

Entering the World Exchange Plaza theater almost brought you into a mini world of glamour – everybody dressed their most fabulous. Set up was a wonderful display of candy, “Sex and The City” water, and yes even “Sex and the City” chocolate bars for us to enjoy. There was even a treat to have an express hair makeover by Scwartzkopf.

When we got to our seats we had a swag bag surprise waiting for us – that was pretty sweet!

The movie itself was great, a little long (so use the washroom before) but great! I won’t ruin it but it had everything Sex and the city should have plus a few surprises along the way as our favourite four fabulous New Yorkers embark on new life journies with marriages, kids, over worked careers and our worst enemy as women, menopause.

The story itself was different having the girls whisked away to the middle east to a culture out of their worlds and the fashion was interesting to say the least. There were a lot of tear jerking moments and moments you just have to laugh out loud at the crazy antics these ladies get themselves into.

Overall I give this movie a great review — without spilling any surprises, you’ll have to go see it for yourself.

I read some negative reviews about this movie and I have to say these people obviously aren’t SATC fans (or women for that matter! No offense to the guys who’ve seen it & liked it) because I thought it was great and by the sound of the theater so did almost everyone else who attended. It followed up from the first movie which followed up from the TV series. So if you are a die-hard SATC fan like me you’ll love it!

I really enjoyed the evening all in all. Saw a great movie with great company, a girls night out I’ve needed for a while. It felt good not to worry or feel that mommy-guilt for wanting to go out and enjoy myself. The only part I’m disapointed in is not getting the chance to meet and greet with some of you met via Twitter, maybe next time ladies 😦

One final thank you to everyone who made this possible including my good friend Tina for joining me and my loving Hubby who took care of everything at home while Mom had an evening out

Until next time — keep dreaming
@idream1 xo

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Mabel’s Labels Camp pack review

Summer is a time for fun outings, whether it’s going off to camp or just going to day camp. Whatever the activity or outing, don’t you just hate it when your kids things do not return along with your kid at the end of the summer fun?

How do we keep our kids things from becoming lost along these adventures? Simple, we label them. We used to label using a big black marker, which was not only ugly looking but also seemed to wash off after a while. We would buy blank white labels and write names on them in pen or marker – again they would peel off, rip, fade and eventually wash away over time.

Losing our kids items due to bad labels is a thing of the past since Mabel’s Labels was introduced to us. With their fabulous personalized & durable labels for just about everything from kids stuff to kitchen stuff – Mabel’s Labels helps get things organized, one label at a time.

Mabel’s Labels all started with four moms and an idea to put a stop to sending their kids off with items that never returned. They created these amazing quality, durable, colourful and personal labels for everything kids lose.

Mabel’s Labels not only has labels for kids stuff but also an assortment of household labels, stationary sets, childrens ID bands and more! The labels are microwave/dishwasher safe, UV/water resistant and washer/dryer safe. You can personalize your labels with up to 20 characters choosing one of three colour themes and an icon, making the labels special and unique.

In celebration of summer outings, we had the opportunity to try out Mabel’s Labels Camp Pack! It includes 15 Sticky Labels, 8 Shoe Labels, 2 Bag Tags, 40 Iron-Ons or 50 Tag Matesâ„¢ (we chose the iron ons). The Camp pack covers pretty much all your labelling needs for getting the kids ready for those summer activities with the added peace of mind knowing they are durable.

The Camp pack is excellent – we had them personalized to suit our daughter with the princess colours, mermaid icon and of course her name! My daughter’s favourites are the bag tags. Then again, she loves having her name on everything and anything!

I recommend trying out a set of Labels from Mabel’s Labels – you will not go back to that big black marker, I know I sure won’t.

Check out for the entire Mabel’s Labels selection of personalized labels and how to order yours!

Win it! Giveaway Ended! Congratulations Monica!
Thanks to Mabel’s Labels, one lucky reader has a chance to win their very own personalized Camp Pack!

â—† Visit and leave a comment below telling us which Mabel’s Labels you would use to keep things organized!

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Good Luck and happy labelling!

*Giveaway runs May 29th to June 11th 2010 and is open to US & CANADA. One reader will win their own Camp pack on behalf of Mabel’s Labels. The winner will be chosen at random and contacted via provided email address* Winner chosen via

*This review/giveaway is brought to you by A Motherhood Experience on behalf of Mabel’s Labels. I received a Camp Pack for review purposes. Thank you to @Caitm and the lovely ladies over at Mabel’s*

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