Last day of 27

31 Jul

Tomorrow is my 28th birthday, it sounds young but I feel older most days. Aches and pains a 28 year old woman and mom of 2 shouldn’t have.

I had a great day though. Spent time with my family. I wanted to blog it as a good birthday memory.

I spent my last day being 27 with DH. We took dd to preschool together, afterward stopped at Tim Hortons with Ds & stopped in at a friends place who was on the way.

We did some groceries & our friend joined us at our house for a quick drink afterward (non alcoholic). My friend bought this bizar drink I had never heard of before – an alovera plant drink. It literally has chunks of aloe in it. The taste is very sweet and it isn’t half bad except I can’t handle the chunks of aloe LOL Apparently it’s good for cleansing the system.

After ds woke up, got changed, had a snack and got changed again we went topick up DD from preschool, ran more errands and took the kids to Mcdonalds for supper. They always enjoy our mcd’s family picnic 🙂

Now with the kids in bed and house back in order I can relax and reflect on the last year.

Thinking about it, I had a pretty hard year considering the baby being born premature, two major family disputes, finding out about my future surgery and a few other things. Aside from the negative I had luck.

My son came home healthy, we moved to a bigger/cheaper place, everybody is overall happy.

Tomorrow is my official birthday so to celebrate we invited some good friends for drinks after the kids are in bed. Nothing crazy unfortunately. It’s been a while since I’ve let loose, becoming mom gives you that guilt from doing even the smallest selfish thing.

Today however, I bought myself a few essentials I had been neglecting to buy myself and felt good about it.

DH bought me two KENO scratch n win tickets, I won 6$ now I can buy two more. Addictive little things!

Speaking of gifts I’m going to have to buy two small ones tomorrow. My aunts birthday is tomorrow as well and my moms birthday is August 1st. Growing up we always threw one big weekend birthday with my cousins and all. Now it’s difficult as we all live in different cities/towns and have busy lives. The annual birthday party will take place next weekend 🙂

Finishing off my evening with a shower, icecream and a movie with my love.

Until next entry, keep on dreaming.

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