Its the little things

28 Jul

Today is one of those days where the smallest bad things happen just to make things all the more difficult.

With lack of sleep since the BBQ party we held Saturday night, I was up this Tuesday morning bright and early to the sound of Elmos voice across the hall. Dd was watching Elmo in grouchland. DS was playing quietly in his crib. Dh waits for me to do my lady things to get ready for the day. Typical morning until the kids realize moms up.

The baby began whining and dd started the questions “mom can I have/do this?” etc all before my morning coffee which by the way has been instant because I ran out & keep forgetting to buy more, among other things.

I don’t mind cleaning but it seems every room the kids and dog occupy is a disaster when they leave it. Food on the floor in our dining lounge area trailed all the way into the livingroom by a child or dog.

Dh was busy doing outdoor maintenance like mowing the lawn and watering our new grass in the back plus my flowers.

There is something wrong with safari. Every blogspot blog I go to has script errors all along the left side. Hrm everything looks normal on DHs iPhone and the computer. Just something to upset my morning more than instant coffee.

I lost a writing star and a rating star on helium as well. I’m not mad at helium I’m mad at the fact I’ve been putting my writing on the back burner. Nobodys fault, it’s just the circumstances but holy cow would we ever love a break from reality some time.

I felt grouchy and unmotivated most of today. I hate feeling like that! I don’t even know why. Maybe the weather or too much negative has been happening, it’s on my mind.

One of those door-to-door gas and hydro solicitors came to my door. A tall gangly looking guy with greasy looking hair, trying to rebuttle a mom holding a baby looking obviously BUSY not only having to say it. So annoying. If they come back again I’m getting info & calling the company, i’ve told them before not to come to my address. My bills are fine thanks.

After all that morning/early afternoon mayhem my son woke up from his nap and we went out on the deck to play after a snack.

He was being his typical cuteness, crawling around in curiosity.

Sometimes it’s the little things like playing with your kids that can help bring a smile back. I know my kids and hubby always have their ways of making up for all the bad things that happen even the smallest ones.

-until next time keep dreaming…

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